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We keep cloud services basic. Simple, clear and robust. Actually BasicCloud is ‘way beyond basic’. Next level? Absolutely! In service, speed and reliability. It’s that simple. Try us. Call or e-mail us, we are happy to help you. Enjoy BasicCloud!


  • PAAS is Platform as a Service.
  • Take control yourself! Because PaaS TO PLEASE is PaaS as you please.
  • Only pay for the performance you use.
  • Ideal for developers.
  • Ideal for e-commerce entrepreneurs.
  • All services hosted in the Netherlands.
  • Take advantage of the FREE 14 DAY TRIAL.
You can do it all.
in a single portal

You can easily create new environments with an intuitive dashboard. Discover here how you can easily set up, control and manage everything with PaaS TO PLEASE and work in all your popular stacks.

Pay only the performance you use

Don’t pay too much! No more buying too much performance for occasional peaks. Think about how much you will save… PaaS TO PLEASE scales automatically and makes it possible. You can count on it!

servers and services hosted in the Netherlands

Not an every day event, but pleasant when it comes down to it: just call us and discuss directly with our team. Discuss the best approach and let us help you kindly. Do not hesitate to call us.

More to Please


  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated server

Fast, stable and simple

Your own private (VPS)

  • Managed VPS
  • Self-managed VPS

Take your blazing fast pick

everything for your

  • Domain check
  • SSL

Everything you need


  • E-mail only
  • Anti-Spam

Everything to build your

  • Sitebuilder (webbuilder)
  • Auto installer
  • Domain check

Let's Talk!

Order and manage your products easily at BasicCloud. Do you have a question or do you want advice?

Feel free to call us: +31 85 060 66 40

Or enter your details here
then we will contact you!

    Beyond basic

    We are ready for you. You don't do business with a 'smart' website, but with a few guys who like nothing more than to make awesome packages for you. Basic if possible, next level if necessary.

    Lightning fast VPS
    Always fast service
    Time saving
    Migration Service


    BasicCloud and Virtuozzo Partner

    BasicCloud and Virtuozzo Partner to offer Advanced PaaS on the Dutch Market  BasicCloud, a Dutch provider of cloud computing services,…

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    BasicCloud en Virtuozzo werken samen

    BasicCloud en Virtuozzo gaan samenwerking aan om geavanceerde PaaS oplossingen op de Nederlandse markt aan te bieden BasicCloud, een Nederlandse…

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    BasicCloud for you

    Developer or e-commerce specialist? BasicCloud has the best solutions for you! Let your customers perform optimally. Beyond basic and reliable.

    Meet your client needs

    Beyond basic for developers

    optimal performance for web shops

    Beyond basic for ecommerce

    BasicCloud, Next level service

    BasicCloud is nice and basic and therefore simple, fast and very reliable. Beyond basic, we offer you super service. Personal and tailor-made.

    This is what our customers say

    “Ik ben een gebruiker. Het ging bij mij steeds mis met mail en dan was er niemand op korte termijn beschikbaar om me te helpen. Dat is voorbij sinds mijn overstap naar BasicCloud. Top service!”

    Jacob van Zoest, Asbest Inventarisatie Nederland

    “Eindelijk hebben we een veilige oplossing om bestanden tussen de verschillende huisartsenpraktijken in de regio te delen. Alles in een keer helemaal perfect opgeleverd. Werkt super!

    Mariska de Pagter, Huisartsenpraktijk Colijnsplaat

    “We zijn onlangs overgestapt naar de diensten van BasicCloud. Dat hadden we veel eerder moeten doen. Wat kunnen die gasten dat snel, vriendelijk en goed. En als we nog een vraag hebben, dan hoeven we maar te bellen.”

    Harry Tijhuis, Schoonzicht Holiday

    “Wij hadden behoefte aan één centraal en snel bereikbaar aanspreekpunt. Wat dat betreft scoort BasicCloud hele hoge punten. Altijd direct bereikbaar en altijd alles snel geregeld.”

    Michel ten Have, Huisartsenpraktijk Kamperland

    “Eigenlijk is er voor ons niets ‘basic’ aan de diensten van BasicCloud. Het vertrouwen dat we altijd en overal kunnen werken én de nodige support ontvangen, is ‘outstanding’!”

    Jeroen van ‘t Leven, Life Design

    We proudly work for:

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